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a fresh start

Well, through a year or so of planning, procrastinating, putting things on the backburner, changing my mind, technical issues, frustrations and lots of trial and error, I'm thrilled to be finally sharing my new online home with you all.  It was not my intention to start a whole new blog, but alas here we are. Technology is only cool when it actually works, ya know?  Well now I have motivation to blog like crazy and get my SEO and online presence back on track! Here's hoping I'm not on the last page of Google searches! 

Anyway, I'm really happy that you've chosen to stop by and I hope these images bring you joy. Don't be a stranger, there's gonna be lots of exciting content coming soon!!!

Catcha later,

March 10, 2018


Behind the scenes of chesapeake charm photography, exclusive sneak peeks, & a look into my life by the bay! Oh, & maybe a few pics of my cats, pippin + olive!

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