Why Every Woman Should Do Boudoir Photos Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Okay, I get it…the thought of getting down to your skivvies in front of a stranger with a camera is kinda weird, right?  Well, yeah, when you put it that way…but boudoir photos are not just pictures of you in your underwear – they’re classy, intimate images of yourself posed in a flattering manner that shows off your beauty – both inside and out!  I tell all of my boudoir clients that this shoot is not just about looking sexy, its about FEELING sexy.  What better way to feel good about yourself than to get your hair and makeup done, put on a cute set of lingerie that you know your man will just drool over, and get some pretty pictures taken?

If you’re anything like me, you might have some self confidence issues.  Whether its your weight, a visible scar, age, post-baby stretch marks or whatever – these things might stop us from feeling beautiful.  And I know, its hard to get pictures taken of yourself if you’re not feeling pretty!  But what is amazing about boudoir is that you have the power of putting all of that negativity behind, and focusing on the positive, just by going to your session!  Hair & makeup can help enhance your natural features; good lighting makes everyone look like a rock star; a flattering pose can slim & shape you; and simply laughing and having a good time with your photographer will make you forget about those pesky negative thoughts.  Just be YOU, have fun, and I GUARANTEE you will feel amazing and also LOOK amazing.

And lets not forget, boudoir is not just bra & panty shots on a bed – you can get so creative and fun with it!!  I encourage my clients to think about other types of outfits outside of lingerie that they’d like to bring.
For example:

  • your hubby’s favorite football jersey
  • his classic white button down shirt
  • a pretty robe
  • your favorite blanket to snuggle in
  • your wedding veil and jewelry
  • a masquerade mask
  • a corset
  • a flower crown
  • your pointe shoes & a tutu
  • a big comfy oversized sweater
  • his dog tags

The possibilities are endless, and even if you’d like to be a little more covered up, your photographer can make any of your outfit choices look sexy and classy.  But remember, it’s not just about what you wear, but how you look and feel! If having stunning makeup is going to make you feel sexier, then do it! Is your booty your best feature? Buy a frilly pair of boy shorts and show it off! Let your inner goddess shine through. Trust your photographer! You’ll love your body and your self even more when its over!

I love boudoir photography because it is a great way to encourage self-love.  I want to help women feel empowered and accepting of how gorgeous they are, regardless of their “flaws.”  Your flaws do not define you and you are perfect just as you are – why? Because you’re YOU.  And you are beautiful.  And I think we should celebrate that!


Also…your significant other will just die over the photos. Seriously, a book of boudoir photos makes an awesome present.  🙂

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