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Behind the Scenes with CCP – 2019

May 14, 2020

Hi, I'm mandi.
Welcome to the Chesapeake Charm blog, a journal about recent sessions and maybe a little bit of behind the scenes, too!. 
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Sometimes at the end of the year, I’ll do a roundup blog post (like this one from 2018!) of all the behind the scenes wedding photos my second shooters and I have captured. These posts end up being a lot of pictures of me bending in weird ways, the back of my head, or one of us being a light test stand in. I don’t really know how many people actually care to see them, but this year I thought it’d be fun to shake things up a bit!

This time I’m not only showing you some behind the scenes photos, but the actual photo that was delivered to my clients at that exact time! Or maybe a few seconds later…but you get it. Here’s a wedding photographer’s version of “What You See vs. What I See!”

And since I know you’re all dying to see the rest of the classic behind the scenes post – here ya go! I truly do love my job and each and every wedding day brings me so much joy. Looking back on these moments makes me that much more excited to get back to business. My heart goes out to all of my 2020 clients who have had to make the difficult decision to reschedule their wedding day, but just know that when your big day comes, I (and all of your guests) will be your biggest freaking fans. We can’t wait to celebrate you!!!

There’s always a train to fluff, a veil to place or a boutonniere to straighten! Thankful to have my mom/assistant to help sometimes!

There’s always a train to carry, too!

It’s amazing I don’t get tan lines from my camera covering half of my face!

Sometimes I even run in to past & future CCP couples!

If there’s an animal at the wedding, I will find it. And pet it. Or at least take a cute picture of it!

Apparently the head tilt is my go to pose when someone takes a test shot of me!

But its okay, because Anne & Jenna do the same thing!

Sometimes we just look suave.

And sometimes we don’t 😛

But, we always have a great time!!!

Thank you to my second shooters who provided these images!
Jenna Davis Photography
Anne Casey Photography
Angelina Stice Photography
Elizabeth Rodenhizer Photography
Madison Short Photography
Urban Row Photography
Nick Hanyok Imaging

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