Engagement Session | What to Wear

Nowadays, one of the most exciting steps of getting engaged & the wedding planning process is having engagement photos taken!  These photos not only serve as great save-the-dates, but they’re a great way to capture the happiness and joy couples are experiencing during this time in their lives. And, a lot of times, its the first time you get to work with your wedding photographer. E-sessions really help photographers get to know you and when your wedding day comes, you’ll be a pro in front of the camera!  This is why I include engagement sessions in almost all of my packages!

So why is what you wear so important?  Well, for most people, these photos act as some of the first photos they may hang in their new home.  Or, if they’re used on a save-the-date, your outfits might serve as a little clue to what your wedding theme may be.  Or maybe you just want a timeless, classic look to your photos that will be beautiful for years to come, so your children don’t look back at your photos and say, “Mom & Dad, what were you thinking?!” 🙂

 So here are some basic suggestions if you’re totally struggling on what to wear!

1. Be comfortable! If you don’t feel good in your clothes, it will show in your photos.  And you don’t want to have to worry about tugging or tucking between every pose!  Also, comfy shoes are recommended – there is typically a lot of standing and walking in e-sessions.

2.  Choose outfits that compliment your location.  If you’re having a seaside engagement session, maybe choose nautical colors such as navy blue, teal, coral, or khaki.  Frolicking in a field in the country?  Go for soft colors such as white & pastels.  Downtown?  Pick bright, bold shades of yellow, pink, or purple!

3.  Make sure you and your fiance’s outfits don’t clash!  Coordinate with each other.  If one of you is wearing a print, the other might want to wear a solid color that matches a color in the print.

4.  Be timeless.  These photos will be looked at and shared for years to come, so don’t choose an outfit you might regret down the road!  You can always dress up a simple outfit with scarves, hats, jackets, etc.  But, if wild and crazy fashion is your thing, go ahead and rock it!

5. Make sure your engagement ring is nice and clean so your photographer can get those pretty macro shots that we all love!

6. Don’t hesitate to bring a change of clothes and mix things up a bit!

I hope this post helps you decide what outfit to rock on your upcoming engagement shoot! Or at least gives you a good reason to go shopping! 😀


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