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For Photographers | How to Save a Wedding Day Wedding Day Survival Kit

June 19, 2015

Hi, I'm mandi.
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wedding details checklist
Don't forget these special items to be photographed first thing on your big day!

What’s a wedding day if at least one thing doesn’t go wrong? ­čśŤ When months and months worth of planning, organizing, and preparation all come down to one big day, chances are that something can be forgotten, out of place, or damaged. ┬áBut that’s okay! ┬áSh!t happens, right? ┬áThe photographer is by the bride’s side all day long, and while typically there is a wedding planner or coordinator who will handle most mishaps, sometimes that is not the case. ┬áIn order to keep the bride happy & stress-free, we’ve got to think on our feet and be prepared for anything! ┬áThat is why I keep an “Oh Sh!t┬áKit” with me at all times! Here are some things I include in my kit and some items I keep in my car just in case!

In My Kit:

needle & thread

tons of safety pins

bobby pins


clear nail polish

compact mirror


fashion tape

sticky velcro pads

nail file

band aids

lady products

tide to go pen

Here are a few other things that┬áI’ve found to be totally lifesaving!

a┬áLeatherman (mine’s pink!)

neutral fabric for detail shots – sometimes hotel sheets & carpets are just ugly!

a command hook for hanging dresses

plastic bags to go over the camera when its raining

a clear umbrella for the couple to hold when its raining

a clear shower curtain for the bride to stand on (and tuck under her dress) when its muddy

gaffers tape (because things just break!)

a fake ring (just in case!)

dresses with pockets (for quick battery changes)

a printed copy of the wedding day timeline and family portrait groups

vendor contact numbers on your phone

a tall assistant┬á­čśŤ┬áMy awesome 2nd shooter,┬áLiz, is 5 inches taller than me and that makes hanging dresses (and reaching things in general) SO much easier! So thankful for you Liz!

Without Liz this photo would have never been possible. ­čśŤ

eastern yacht club wedding by chesapeake charm photography

Some of these things might seem crazy but I’ve had to use almost every one of them! From sewing & pinning a ripped gown before the ceremony, to fixing fallen updos, to getting stains out of dresses, you just never know what life will throw at you – and your couples will be eternally grateful for being able to step in and help!

What else do you bring to weddings that might save the day?  Let me know in the comments!

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Don't forget to bring these special items to be photographed first thing on your big day!

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