Wedding Wednesday | To Smash or Not to Smash? Cake Smash Wedding Tradition

Cake cutting – a long lived wedding tradition which has evolved from the ancient Roman tradition of breaking a white cake over the bride’s head to symbolize the breaking of the bride’s virginal state and to bring good fortune to the newlyweds.  In other cultures, the cutting of the cake originally symbolized fertility!  The bride would cut the cake and distribute it to her guests because eating it would ensure fertility.  But as cakes grew taller, larger, and stiffer with more layers and icing, it began to be to difficult for the bride to cut it alone – which is where the groom comes in.  Nowadays, the bride and groom still cut the cake together, one of the first tasks they must do together as a couple.

Once they have cut the cake, the bride and groom share a piece among themselves, symbolizing their union and commitment to provide for one another. However, in some weddings, this sweet gesture is interupted by a silly moment of smashing the cake into each other’s faces!

So, the question is – to smash or not to smash?  Smashing the cake seems so expected among weddings these days, and it really doesn’t help when your guests & groomsmen start chanting “Do it, do it!” but do you really want to mess up that expensive makeup job? But on the other hand, it is a great moment for some spontaneity and a great photo op!  Either way, it might be a good idea to discuss it beforehand, so your future spouse doesn’t get an unwanted surprise!  Or, if you know them well enough – maybe that surprise could be a good thing!

If you do choose to smash the cake, you’re sure to get some truly hilarious photos!  And if its not your thing?  Trade the smashing for a dramatic dip & romantic kiss!  Either way, have fun with it!

 A sweet exchange of cake…

Chris & Jessica’s Hillendale Country Club Wedding




…versus a hilarious smash!

Carlos & Maggie’s Rockfield Manor Wedding




Which do you prefer?


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