Sara + Mike | Kinder Farm Park Portraits Millersville Couples Portraits by Chesapeake Charm Photography

Sara & Mike’s portrait session is one I’ll probably never forget! It was a windy but pretty day in Millersville as we met at Kinder Farm Park.  We decided to start our portrait session near one of the many barns, but were excited when we saw a goat yard right next to where we planned to start!  As we went over to pet and look at the goats, in one swift motion, one of the goats leapt up & over the fence! We tried to corral him back into the yard, but we had no luck.  Finally, a Kinder Farm Park worker came and saved the day! But man was it a memorable way to start our session! See photos of the goat escapee below, followed by some of my favorite portraits of Sara & Mike!

Finally some portraits after all the goat craziness!

I was so excited when Sara asked me to photograph her & Mike! I’ve known Sara for years and it was so great to see her snuggle up with the love of her life!

And how cute is their dog, Claire?! <3

That was about all the sunlight we got, but I’m glad we got some shots in before it crept away behind the clouds!

I love how he makes her genuinely giggle! 🙂

I can’t get over Claire’s cute little ears!

Little black sheep!!!



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